Meal Kit Services -vs- Prepared Meal Delivery Services

And the winner is… Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Up until recently Meal Kit Services were all the rage. It took out the hassle of having to shop and plan your meals every week. You were also able to enjoy a variety of entrees. But Meal Kit Services are now the thing of the past. What’s all the rage these days are Prepared Meal Delivery Services. Chef-prepared dishes ready to eat. No cooking necessary. You just heat and enjoy.

Why Everyone (and I mean everyone) Is Switching To Prepared Meal Delivery Services?

#1. Convenience Factor:

Why go thru the hassle spending 30 ~ 40 minutes cooking & preparing your meals like you have to with those Meal Kits? Not to mention entrees often end up over-cooked or under-cooked and doesn’t end up looking quite as delicious as in those pics they include. But with Prepared Meal Delivery Services you don’t have any of those issues. What you get are delicious chef-prepared entrees waiting for you that only needs to be heated for couple of minutes. It’s like a local gourmet restaurant delivering your entrees. But using healthier organic ingredients and at discount prices.

#2. Freshness Factor:

How long has that box of uncooked raw ingredients been on a delivery truck or sitting out on your doorstep when you order from any one of those Meal Kit Services? But with a Prepared Meal Delivery Service, you’re not messing around with raw uncooked ingredients. They’re fully cooked entrees delivered to your door.

#3. Price:

Varies greatly. You’ll find Freshly and Balanced Bistro prices comparable to most of those Meal Kits that require you to cook your meals, etc. But then you have prepared meal delivery services that labels themselves as ‘Gourmet’ and the price per entree shoots up considerably.

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